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7 Out-Of-The-Ordinary Wedding Venues in California for Unconventional Couples

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Hoping to make a statement on your big day with a unique venue? Here are 7 out-of-the-ordinary wedding venues in California for unconventional couples!

Located underground in parts of the wine country of California, wine caves are mesmerizing places to tie the knot. Let’s have a look at three of these below.

The Caves At Soda Canyon can form a unique subterranean venue, with a patio offering views of Napa Valley:

Robert Young Estate Winery has a contemporary barn that can serve as your wedding backdrop, plus stunning caves to make your experience out-of-the-ordinary.

Have a look inside this beautiful space...

Thomas George Estate Caves offer a romantic interior with dim lights and antique furniture, perfect for an unconventional wedding:

Additionally, if you’re an unconventional couple seeking all the royal vibes in addition to uniqueness, you can exchange vows in majestic wine castles.

The grey-black spires of Ledson Wine Castle are complemented by stunning mountainous terrain in the backdrop, forming a grand wedding venue. Have a look at its sheer beauty:

Located amidst heaps and heaps of aesthetic greenery, Jordan Winery can form a stunning venue for your big day:

Finally, you can also exchange vows in the wine castle of Francis Ford Coppola - their award-winning wines, nearby pool and restaurant, plus breathtaking views, will make your day all the more memorable!

In addition to the wine caves and castles above, distilleries are also beginning to grab the attention of unconventional couples.

Based in the wine country of Sonoma, Spirit Works Distillery and Tasting Room can form an interesting and intoxicating venue to exchange your vows.

Termed ‘grain-to-glass spirits’, their competent spirits and beers will make your out-of-the-ordinary day even more unique. We invite you to have a look at its beauty:

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