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These 4 California Wineries Are Hosting 360° Virtual Walk-throughs!

Struggling with visiting wineries as you choose the right wedding venue for your big day?

With Covid-19 still lingering around, many people are hesitant to go out and about. And wineries across California are now understanding this and taking measures accordingly.

One effective solution devised is hosting 360° virtual walk-throughs for the venue - it’s a convenient and useful way of allowing viewers to see through wineries without having to actually visit them.

So, follow us through this article as we step into 4 California wineries that are hosting 360° virtual walk-throughs on Google My Business and Google Maps!

Standing in all its glory on 710 acres of estate, Notre Vue Winery offers mesmerizing views of the woods, fields, and vineyards.

If you’re someone who loves the thought of exchanging vows amongst serenity and peace, this winery has the potential to be your wedding venue.

We invite you to delve into its 360° virtual walk-through:

Another idyllic winery that offers beautiful views is Folktale Winery & Vineyards.

The winery covers 15 acres of organically farmed land and is perfect for wedding ceremonies, post-wedding brunches, cocktail and bachelorette parties, and more!

Luckily, Folktale also hosts 360° virtual walk-throughs for the convenience of its clients:

Another winery to host your wedding ceremony is amidst the Grassini Family Vineyards. Having a bridge alongside a clearing plus a barn, it will provide you with an aesthetic backdrop to click pictures in front of.

Plus, there will be a lot for your guests to explore and enjoy!

We invite you to walk through the magnificence of the winery:

Finally, the Ledson Winery is also has a fascinating venue to host your wedding.

Its structure, occupying 16,000 square feet, features marble fireplaces, multiple tasting bars, majestic staircases, and church-style windows.

Here’s a look at the 360° virtual walk-through of the winery venue:

We hope you had fun experiencing the 360° Google virtual walk-throughs shown above - their wines and sprawling vineyards are ready to warmly welcome you!

Want to book a 360° Google virtual tour of your venue/business? Drop an email at or call us at 707-280-4678.

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