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Discover Your Unexpected Wedding Venue Based On Your Favorite Wine!

Choosing the right wedding venue is getting overwhelming, isn’t it?

On a lighter note, let your favorite wine guide your way to the unexpected wedding venue of your dreams!

Pinot Grigio

Being a lover of this quintessential Italian wine, you would love exchanging vows in a grand Italian villa. With all the mesmerizing views from the large country home, you’ll be creating memories to last a lifetime!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Your favorite wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, is a gem of Napa Valley. And so, your perfect wedding venue would be a winery located amidst sprawling grounds and stunning vineyards in the wine country, like in this unique wine cave:

Champagne (Sparkling Wine)

Champagne is a French favorite and also originates from France. If you’re a fan of this sparkling wine, the best place to say “I do” for you would be under the iconic Eiffel Tower in France.


Chardonnay is a favorite of folks with elite taste and high standards. If you’re one of those connoisseurs, your unexpected wedding venue would be a 5-star, high-end restaurant serving delicious food.

Bonus points if they serve seafood and lobster - these two will perfectly complement your wine preference!

Pinot Noir

Being a product of one of the most challenging grapes to cultivate, Pinot Noir is for those who believe in passion and devotion. And these people are usually romantics who are dedicated to their ideals.

As such a wine-lover, your unexpected wedding venue would be a candle-lit beach or water front event offering a romantic setting and serene environment.


Being one of the rarest wines in the world, Riesling is perfect for adventure-seekers.

As such, to satisfy your inner thrill-lover, you would enjoy hosting your wedding at a fun amusement park so you and your partner can exchange vows amidst massive rides and enjoy the excitement of rollercoasters afterward.


Having elements of spices and dark fruits, Syrah is a bold wine made for bold people.

For such a personality that stands out of the crowd, the unexpected wedding venue based on your favorite wine would be a celebrity mansion.

After all, like your personality, your wedding venue should also make a statement!

Didn’t find your favorite wine yet? Here are 3 more generalized categories of wines:

Royal Red Wine

Royal red wine is loved by majestic personalities. And as such, your unexpected wedding venue based on your favorite wine would be a grand wine castle.

One of our favorite's is the majestic Ledson Castle in Sonoma Wine Country:

If you’re on the hunt for a stunning wine castle, check out options from the Wine Country of California (and to step into some of these in 3D, visit our website).

White Wine

White wine lovers are almost always perfectionists, and so, a destination wedding in Hawaii with intricate details, stunning vistas, and perfect arrangements would be a great choice!

Dessert Wine

If dessert wine is your favorite, we’d recommend you tie the knot in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory - it’d really go perfectly with your sweet personality!

If that’s not quite possible, you can consider a cookie factory or bakery as your wedding venue - what would be better than munching on cookies while exchanging vows?

Oh, and if you love chocolate and ever plan a trip to the Napa Wine Country, make sure to go to this fun chocolate shop (you'll even see a big picture of Mr. Wonka himself!)

We hope you enjoyed reading about your unexpected wedding venue based on your favorite wine as much as we did putting it together!

Wishing to book a 3D virtual tour with us for your venue space? Get in touch with us at or 707-280-4678.

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