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Nancy Hayssen

Pilot, Adventurer 

Exploring the world in 3D, from the sky, from the ground, and everywhere in-between.

Hi! My name is Nancy, and I'm the owner of Virtual Tour Maps, private pilot, and lover of travel. (20+ countries). With the help of a talented writer Shahraz (from half way around the world), I am able to bring this Blog to life for you.


Through inspiring photos and 3D tours, we are able to share with you some of the most amazing places you can step inside of as if you were there — from anywhere in the world!

Join our fun adventures, from my family's local apple farm in Sonoma County to 3D virtual tour shoots, aerial flights,  exploring local businesses, and more. (Oh, and  you'll see my co-pilot Rose who joins me on many of my adventures)

Whether you are interested in California's Wine Country, a travel lover, nature lover, dog lover, or looking for a special new place to enjoy, we're excited to give you some inspiration to take for your own journey ahead!

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