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One Must-have Tool for Wedding Planners Around The World

If you’re a wedding planner working with couples or a bride or groom looking for the perfect wedding venue, here’s one tool you must look for while picking a venue...

An immersive 3D Virtual Tour of the space!

Thanks to virtual reality, this will help you get realistic visuals of the venues you would visit in real-time and will assist you and your clients — brides and grooms, their parents and whoever else — in your/their final decision.

For an idea, here’s a 3D Virtual Tour we filmed of the majestic venue of Ledson wine castle, which offers unique wedding ceremonies in Kenwood, Sonoma Wine Country:

Here’s how it works and what to look for:

  • Visit the venue’s website and look for a 3D Virtual Tour of the actual venue space for the ceremony, dining areas, lodging for guests and any bridal suites the venue might offer

  • Press on the play button to view the space passively

  • Or, use your mouse to move around the place as if you’re walking inside the venue! (This gives you more control over the experience)

  • If you see a hotspot, press on it to check out cool products, services and online shops the venues offer (such as wine shops!)

On a wedding venue's Google My Business listing you might see 360° panoramics of a specific space such as the ceremony, dining or lounge areas:

These 360°s are located on the Street View & 360°'s tab within the listing. The above one is of Notre Vue Estate Winery & Vineyards in Windsor, California.

You may also see 360° panos direct on the company's website, such as the ones we filmed for Ledson Winery:

You can see inside and outside of the location. Here at Ledson, you'll see the beautiful gardens and entrance where many soon-to-be-married couples take memorable photos in front of the legendary castle:

Also, keep an eye out for the dollhouse view of the venue — this will give you a view of the size in its entirety, whether it will fit the wedding party and number of guests, and an overall feeling and comfort level of the space:

Dollhouse view of Ledson Winery in Kenwood, Sonoma Wine Country, California

For Wedding and Event Planners, some of the benefits of 3D Virtual Tours are:

  • Scouting wedding venues locally and nationwide (saving gas, transportation, time, energy and money traveling there)

  • Exciting your clients seeing venues in 3D form

  • Increasing your wedding and event bookings

  • Saving time explaining details about the wedding venues (the tour can do it for you!)

  • Rising above your competition in the wedding industry

  • Happier brides/grooms and better reviews!

On top of seeing the venue space, you can scout the right lodging for the bride and groom and their family easy-peasy by diving into a virtual tour, like THIS!

This tour was filmed in San Luis Obispo of La Lomita Ranch (a truly magical wedding place!!)

Some Wedding Planners purchase a 3D Virtual Tour of their favorite venues and/or partner with the venue they work with to film a tour. By having a tour of your top partner venues gives you — the Wedding Planner — the ability to:

  • Engage and reach more people on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter) worldwide

  • Showcasing a classy impression and "wow-ing" your audience

  • Better conversions on your website, blog and advertisements

  • Makes you stand out from other Wedding and Event Planners!

What makes this tool important is that while most aspects in planning a wedding is optional, renting a venue isn’t — every bride & groom needs a space to get married! (And that's why they've hired you to find the perfect place). 😊

As a Wedding or Event Planner, whether you want to book a cozy restaurant, a serene beachside, an idyllic winery, or a stunning ballroom, you and your clients will have to pick one special place for their friends and family to gather and celebrate their special day.

Want to walk through more wedding venues and get more ideas on wedding planning with virtual tours? Visit our blog for heaps of interesting 3D tours!

To view a variety of 3D Tours of Wedding Venues in the Sonoma Wine Country, and California, please go here.

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If you're technical and/or into photography and interested in creating your own 3D Tours, check out the latest cameras and discounts you can get by going to our partner page here. You can also check out Amazon! Happy wedding venue hunting and booking! 🕊💕 LOVE.

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