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Step Inside 4 Wine Caves In 3D!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Looking for a unique experience while devouring some good wine? Visiting a ‘wine cave’ is one such (thrilling) experience awaiting you. And the good part is - you’ll get to step inside 4 winery caves in 3D right in this blog!

Located in various parts of California, cave-like underground structures are built for the long-term storage and aging of wine.

The first one of these we’ll step into is ‘The Caves at Soda Canyon’ - a serene and stunning cave with an observation patio offering beautiful views of Napa Valley and beyond. They serve a range of wines, including Chardonnay and Rose. By booking your reservation beforehand, you’ll get a seated tasting experience in their cave while enjoying 6 handcrafted wines.

Have a look at The Caves at Soda Canyon:

Built underground in a peaceful setting are the Thomas George Estate Caves. Their dimly lit and antiquely furnished interior is perfect for the ultimate wine-tasting experience in a cave. If you enjoy your tasting, you can even book them for a private event (such as a wedding).

Here is a 3-D tour of their winery (which is located near their cave):

Next, we have Robert Young Estate Winery. Located on 350 acres of private estate, it consists of wine caves (and some of the best grapes in the area). The winery stands among yards of greenery and has a contemporary shape similar to a barn.

Their tasting experience starts from their Tasting Room, where you’ll sip on wine while listening to the pourer narrate stories of the farm and their wine-making processes and ends at a short stop at the wine cave.

Plus, you can host your wedding at their wedding venue! Here’s a 3D visual of what the Robert Young Estate Winery looks like:

Finally, we have Fantesca Estate and Winery, the cave of which has been carved from a Spring Mountain hillside. It has the perfect environment for the storage of wine, and Fantesca’s unmatched hospitality and beautiful scenery will leave you yearning for more.

Have a look at the grandeur of Fantesca Winery:

Also, here’s what their cave looks like:

Photo courtesy of Fantesca Estate and Winery

We hope you enjoyed stepping inside these wine caves as much as we did! For more information on the caves and to book your 3D tour with us, email us at or call at 707-280-4678. Also, join us on Instagram and YouTube!


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