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See Inside Buckeye Roadhouse Restaurant & Bar (in 3D!)

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Today, I'm excited to share with you a recent shoot of this classy, circa-1937 destination restaurant for upscale American comfort food — Buckeye Roadhouse!

By sharing this tour, we hope it may inspire ideas of what we could do for your business.

With this new technology — a 3D Virtual Tour — you can now invite people to see inside your restaurant, bar or eatery from anywhere in the world!

You can let potential visitors see all you have to offer inside your place including your dining area:

Fun hotspots can be added to the tour to inform, engage and direct your visitors such as featuring a link to book a reservation or private event:

You can also feature your bar and drink area:

Every tour features an attention grabbing Dollhouse, Highlights Reel (for easy navigation) and Floor plan as seen below:

In your tour you can show off your restaurant, bar or eatery — with Buckeye Roadhouse you can see the entrance, dining rooms, bar, lobby, private event space and outside seating area — all which were featured in the tour! :)

For more info on scheduling your business's Google Virtual Tour, please email me or call me direct at 707-280-4678 today. Follow us on Instagram and YouTube!

We look forward bringing more customers to your business this year!

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