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Metro Hotel & Cafe (Petaluma, CA) — Unique Boutique Hotel In Sonoma County, see 360° Virtual Tours

Featured by a charming European style near downtown Petaluma, Metro Hotel & Cafe is a boutique hotel in Sonoma County. This quaint space is French-themed, with pieces of art and decoration in every nook and cranny.

Metro Hotel knew that possessing a unique space wasn’t enough; showcasing it to the world is what made all the difference. And so, they decided to have us shoot a 360° Google Tour for them:

With this tour, Metro Hotel was able to realistically showcase its space effectively. It provided a way for people to view the hotel from wherever they were, whenever they wanted. This inevitably brought in more business, happy customers, and higher revenues!

Let’s now put out some fun facts about the hotel.

One awesome thing we love about Metro Hotel & Cafe

We absolutely love the Parisian-circus-themed vibes this hotel radiates!

Fun experiences the hotel offers

Metro Hotel’s in-built cafe serves guests complimentary goodies (including organic coffee and pastries). There’s also a conference room you can use as per need.

One fun fact about Metro Hotel & Cafe

The Metro Hotel & Cafe is so unique that it has been rated number 12 on the list of the coolest and most unusual places to stay in in the USA by Vacation Idea.

More on Petaluma

Petaluma is a small, sparsely populated city. This, coupled with its green trees and stunning mountains, makes it the perfect destination for someone seeking a secluded experience in nature.

Social Media Contacts

You can visit Metro’s official website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Metro Hotel & Cafe is a self-serve style boutique hotel with standard rooms and luxury suites. It was built approximately 140 years ago and renovated with a French touch in 2010. Ever since, it has been welcoming guests and providing them with memorable experiences to cherish.

Ready for your mini trip to Paris in a boutique setting? Check reservation availabilities now!

Also, email Nancy or call us direct at 707-280-4678 to record a 360° Google Tour for your business space! To stay updated with our adventures, follow us on Instagram and YouTube.

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