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Korbel California Champagne (Korbel Winery, Guerneville) — Local Wineries 360° Tours, Sonoma

Shedding Light On Korbel Winery And Its President, Gary B. Heck

Korbel California Champagne has always made its statement amongst American sparkling wines. What’s more, their winery is a stunning place covered in lush green vegetation. And to market what they have, Korbel asked us to shoot a 360° Google Tour for their space.

Come have a look at their gorgeous space (also keep an eye out for their world-famous wine bottles!):

We hope you enjoyed the Google 360° tour as much as we did recording it! Let’s move towards some fun facts about the winery now.

One awesome thing we love about Korbel Winery

The billions of shimmery bubbles and intense flavor when we pop open a bottle of Korbel Champagne is definitely our favorite part!

Fun experiences the winery offers

A tour of the winery is one experience you must have — learning about the region’s history, enjoying views of the champagne cellars, and ending at a complimentary tasting is a glimpse of what you’ll get! To spice things up, you can start by trekking to Korbel.

One fun fact about Korbel Champagne:

From Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, Korbel wines have been served at the inaugurations of six consecutive presidents of the United States!

The wine industry in Sonoma County

Sonoma County is home to other 50 varieties of wine grapes, and hence you can expect to devour some of the world’s best wines in its wineries.

What does Korbel do to give back to the community?

By adopting sustainable practices, Korbel Winery ensures it preserves the environment and does no damage to the surroundings while producing high-quality wine. These practices include reducing waste, conserving energy, and utilizing recycled packaging.

Social Media Contacts

Connect with Korbel on their Facebook, Instagram, and official website.

Photo Credits: SBE Sonoma

Gary B. Heck is the President, Chairman, and Owner of Korbel. He took up this seat after the demise of his father and has pursued this as a career for over 50 years. With his commitment, dedication, and vision, Korbel has witnessed huge successes and massive sales.

We thank Korbel for allowing us to shoot a Google Virtual Tour for their winery; we had a pleasant experience working with them indeed.

Wish to record a 360° Google Tour for your business space? Email Nancy or call us direct at 707-280-4678 today. Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram and YouTube to stay updated with what we do!

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