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The Gaige House, Glen Ellen — Local Sonoma County Boutique Hotels 360° Virtual Tours

The Gaige House; Albert Ebenezer Gaige’s Creation From The 1800s

Nestled in Sonoma County, the Gaige House is a zen-inspired boutique hotel featuring a variety of guestrooms and suites. This space is a stunning mixture of vintage and contemporary vibes offering attractive facilities and amenities.

To showcase their elegant space — including their indoors, pool, and sun deck — the Gaige House asked us to shoot their hotel. And so, we obliged.

By recording a 360° Google Tour for their space, we provided the Gaige House with a version of their hotel we’d liked to call a ‘virtual reality’. This helped the business attract more customers, increase retention rates on their website, and improve Search Engine Optimization.

Talk about attaining benefits and getting returns on investment!

Curious to see how it turned out? Have a look:

It’s a lovely space for sure; keep reading for some super fun facts about the business!

One awesome thing we love about the Gaige House

We love the inclusivity at the Gaige House. Being a Japanese-style luxury bed-and-breakfast, it represents a blend of American and Asian culture. Plus, they serve non-alcoholic beverages during wine hour to accommodate people of all types.

One fun experience the hotel offers

Each afternoon, the Gaige House allows its customers to indulge in Sonoma County’s famous wines, mini cheeses, crunchy crackers, and freshly-baked cookies. It’s an experience you’ll often find yourself reminiscing about!

One fun fact about Gaige House:

The Gaige House is a part of the Four Sisters Inn — a collection of hotels blending together contemporary luxuries with traditional amenities.

The hospitality sector in Sonoma County

Being home to over 65 grape varieties, Sonoma County’s hospitality sector serves some of the world’s most delicious wines!

What does the Gaige House do to give back to the community?

The Gaige House gives back to the community by promoting the 7 Leave No Trace Principles, so guests leave Sonoma County in a better condition than they found it in.

Social Media Contacts

You can connect with them through their official website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Ready to head to the Gauge House for a wonderful experience? Choose your room now and find exclusive deals and fantastic rates!

Albert Ebenezer Gaige, a thriving butcherer, built the Gaige House in the 1800s. It initially provided living spaces and a butchering space. Later in the years, the house became an inn and gradually began welcoming guests.

Do you wish to record a 360° Google Tour for your business space? Email Nancy or call us direct at 707-280-4678! Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram and YouTube to stay updated with what we do.

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