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Children’s Museum of Sonoma County — Santa Rosa’s First Business Offering A Fun Children’s Museum

Learning All About Collete Michaud’s Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

Featuring an explorative garden and engaging educational activities, the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County (CMOSC) is the perfect place to ignite your child(ren)’s imagination while having fun!

Follow us through this blog post as we throw light on all things fun about this local business located in Santa Rosa, plus a fun 360° Google tour we recorded for them.


One awesome thing about CMOSC — Its mission

Perfect for children under the age of 10, CMOSC’s mission is to keep your little ones engaged and entertained as they learn about science, art, and the world around them in general. They aim to inspire creativity through joyful experiences!

Who came up with the idea of the Children’s Museum?

Back in 2005, a group of mothers in Sonoma County realized the need for an educational space where children could explore and learn. As such, they came up with the idea of a children’s museum.

Fun experiences the Children’s Museum offers

The Science and Imagination Gallery features lots of exciting areas for little ones to explore, including a puppet theatre, science lab, treehouse, and hidden fairy world! Plus, there’s a pretend kitchen where children can cook all they want.

One fun fact about the Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum provides DIY Science Explorer Kits that you can rent to enhance your children’s learning!

One fun fact about the recreation industry in Santa Rosa

Sonoma County is home to over 350 recreational businesses, and out of these, CMOSC is the only children’s museum!

What does CMOSC do to give back to the community?

The Children’s Museum gives back to the community in a fascinating way. By teaching children about sustainable plants and food production in Mary’s Garden, they play a role in raising responsible individuals who understand the concept of sustaining the environment.

Helpful Tips To Remember While Visiting

Here are a few helpful tips to remember before you visit the Children’s Museum:

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times (one adult per 4 children).

  • You can bring your own snacks, but remember to avoid nuts and alcohol.

  • In case you need extra support, feel free to visit their Family Resource Center near TOTopia.

Social Media Contacts

You can follow the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!

Come Step Inside the Children’s Museum!

CMOSC asked us to shoot a 360° Google Tour for their space so parents could visit the museum ‘virtually’ before coming physically. This was especially helpful after the pandemic hit when restrictions were placed on social gatherings.

We invite you to step inside the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County through this tour, so you know exactly what to expect while you’re there:

Along with this cool tour, CMOSC also received a presence on Google Search, Google My Business, and Google Maps, translating into more web traffic and visitors!

We thank the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County for allowing us to shoot and share their fun museum with the world.

Photo Courtesy: CIO VIEWS

The CEO of CMOSC is Collete Michaud who believes in the statement “play is serious learning”. She is an animator, artist, and video game designer, and has also been credited on many Star Wars video games!

Want to record a 360° Google Tour for your business space? Email Nancy or call us direct at 707-280-4678.

Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram and YouTube to stay updated with what we do!

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