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Nature Calls: Bringing 3D Park Tours to the World

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Talking with Brent Randol of Napa Valley Regional Park & Open Space District

Brent Randol has been a nature lover his whole life. As President of Napa Regional Park & Open Space District, we first met when he passionately initiated creating one of the first virtual tour maps offered within a park organization.

Forward thinking in his vision, he was able to bring together the Board of Directors and approve shooting, creating and publishing 3D Virtual Tours of Bothe-Napa Valley Park and neighboring Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park.

We were excited to make it happen! As we could see their old style mapping and web experience needed a new solution – one tailored to the new generation of millennials many who love technology and travel and the countless people of all ages who are online today.

The solution of 3D Virtual Tours provided a means to allow any potential visitor to view the park, cabins, and amenities from anywhere in the world — as close as being there in real time — informing and exciting people to book their reservations online.

And so, this past fall, we were honored to shoot the three cabins at Bothe-Napa Valley Park and Bale Grist Mill and publish these tours for the world to see!

We asked Brent a few questions to get to know him and the Napa Valley Open Space organization better.

What do you love most about your company/organization?

I love preserving the Napa Valley Open Space.

What new changes has your company seen in the past year? What changes do you hope for in 2019?

Our goal is restoring all our fire damaged parks and open space.

Why do you love working in your industry?

I love working in the environmental industry to give back to the good of the system.

Tell us one fun fact most people don't know about your company?

We protect 5,000 acres of open space in the Napa Valley.

We thank Brent and the Napa County Parks for giving us the opportunity to share their unique cabins and parks with the world. For more information on booking a cabin please go here!

Brent Randol is President of Napa Regional Park & Open Space District, a fourth generation Napa Valley resident, and works in the Financial Services Industry. He lives in St. Helena with his wife Jeanie, daughter Liesl, and golden retriever Sophie and loves to travel , explore nature, and fish the open waters!

Interested in a 3D Tour for your business? Call us at 707-280-4678 or email us today.

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