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Bible-Based Spring Hills Church — Exploring Local Santa Rosa Churches 360° Virtual Tours

Learning More About Spring Hills Church And Its Pastor, Bret Avlakeotes

The Christian Spring Hills Church is located amidst a stunning vineyard in Santa Rosa. Offering a place for the lost to rediscover their purpose and get back on track, Spring Hills Church is the perfect place to seek love, hope, and religion simultaneously.

To reach more people in need of spirit-filling experiences, Spring Hills asked us to shoot a 360° Google Tour for their space.

With a 360° Google Tour of the Church, Spring Hills was able to increase exposure, showcase what they had to offer on online platforms 24/7, and attract more people to come and worship together.

We welcome you to have a look at their space in 360°:

One awesome thing about Spring Hills Church — Its vision

Spring Hills Church aims to foster a community where members learn, laugh, and worship together. That is added to its initial goal of helping them develop spiritual maturity by studying the Bible, of course.

A fun experience the Spring Hills Church offers

Spring Hills Church always provides something to look forward to. Currently, they’re hosting a YTHX Conference for the students of Sonoma County on October 22nd and 23rd. You can register now by clicking here!

One fun fact about Spring Hills Church:

Spring Hills Church has a free coffee bar, and child-watching facilities are available too. Plus, the pastor has a great sense of humor so you stay engaged during sermons!

One fun fact about the church industry in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa has heaps of churches, and according to yelp, Spring Hills Church makes it to the top 10!

What does Spring Hills Church do to give back to the community?

The church sponsors children in the village, so they have meals to fill their tummies and higher chances of getting an education. If you wish to help them support another child, visit them on their patio today!

Social Media Contacts

You can follow Spring Hills Church on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the community at the church, their sponsorships, and updates on upcoming events.

Picture courtesy: Bret’s Twitter account

Bret Avlakeotes, a doctor of ministry in Church growth and renewal, and his wife started Spring Hills Church back in 1992. Ever since, he has been a teacher and leader in the area, in addition to being a senior pastor.

We thank Spring Hills Church for allowing us to shoot their space and know their business better. We had a lovely time working with them!

How about a 360° Google Tour for your business space? Email Nancy or call us direct at 707-280-4678 today!

Also, follow us on YouTube and Instagram to stay updated with what we do!

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