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Orangetheory Fitness: Santa Rosa, San Jose, Greenbrae & Denville — Google 360° Virtual Tours of Gyms

Ellen Latham’s Dream Of A Fitness Empire Translates To Life With Orangetheory Fitness

A fitness franchise based in Florida, Orangetheory Fitness has around 1200 branches all across the world! With its HIIT group workouts, the gyms aim to foster a healthy community where folks inspire and motivate each other while working together to be the best versions of themselves.

But to reach this goal, Orangetheory knew it had to first motivate people to come and join them — let’s face it, the hardest part of working out is showing up! To achieve this goal, they decided to book Google 360° tours with us for four of their locations: Santa Rosa, San Jose Rose Garden, Greenbrae, and Denville.

With their 360° Google tour, Orangetheory was able to showcase its inspiring indoor spaces, motivated members exercising together, and technological equipment involved in their workouts. This improved SEO rankings and increased their popularity among the masses.

We invite you to dive into three of these locations through the tours we shoot for them:

Santa Rosa, California

San Jose Rose Garden, California

Denville, California

We must say — it was a wonderful experience working with them (and we were definitely inspired to start working out!).

Now that you’ve had a look inside their super cool spaces, let’s move forward and share some fun facts about the business!

One awesome thing we love about Orangetheory Fitness — Its mission

Orangetheory aims at creating a diverse yet inclusive culture where people of all backgrounds can come together and work towards healthier lives!

What makes Orangetheory unique?

Orangetheory features a 1-hour workout based on heart rate zones. During this period, participants are given individual attention and advised when to push harder and pull back. Basically, you are required to keep your heart rate elevated for at least 12 minutes before getting a break or lowering the exercise intensity. This helps burn more calories!

One fun fact about OTF

Orangetheory is science-backed with heart rate monitoring technology. This means your workout will be tailored to your body’s requirements, capabilities, and heart levels!

What does Orangetheory Fitness do to give back to the community?

Apart from contributing to a healthier community, Orangetheory often hosts fundraisers to raise money for sick children!

Social Media Contacts

You can connect with Orangetheory on their official website, see inspiring photos on their Instagram profile and learn more about the business on LinkedIn.

Ready to book your first workout? With their two free workouts and quit-free guarantee, there’s no better time than to join now!

Picture courtesy: Biz Journals

A physiologist passionate for health and fitness, Ellen Latham brought her dream of a technology-tracked fitness empire to life by creating Orangetheory Fitness in 2010. She set up these studios with the goal of bringing results of healthier and happier lives to the members who joined, and it’s safe to say she achieved this goal!

Want to record a 360° Google Tour for your business space? Feel free to email Nancy or call us at 707-280-4678.

Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram and YouTube!

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