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Local Santa Rosa Museums In 360° Tours: Charles M. Schulz Museum (Home of Peanuts Comic Strip!)

Learning About Charles Monroe Schulz’s Museum — Fun Facts & Behind-the-Scenes

Dedicated to the artworks of the talented Charles M. Schulz, the Schulz Museum stands tall in all its glory. It is home to the largest collection of comic strips on display and welcomes different artists-in-residence monthly. To show the world what it has to offer, the Schulz Museum asked us to shoot their space, and so we did!

With our 360° Google tour, Schulz Museum got the opportunity to showcase their original Peanut strips, details of decor, and fun inside spaces. This gave a huge boost to their marketing, thus increasing exposure and improving SEO.

We invite you to dive into the 360° tour we recorded for them:

We thank the Schulz Museum for allowing us to shoot their space and share it with the world online. It was indeed a lovely experience collaborating with them!

Now that you know what this iconic place looks like, let’s talk about some fun aspects of the museum!

One awesome thing we love about Schulz Museum — Its mission

Schulz Museum aims at keeping the mind-blowing artwork of Charles M. Schulz alive. This encourages people to live his legacy and understand the depths of cartoon art.

Fun experiences the museum offers

Schulz Museum believes in keeping the spirit of art and creativity alive by offering classes and camps (plus classroom visits!). They even have fee assistance to support parents in need.

One fun fact about the Schulz Museum

Schulz Museum allows people to connect with it while being at home! One way of doing this is by walking into it through the virtual reality of Google 360°, of course. The second way is by providing fun activities for children to download and enjoy at home, plus a cool online store!

The recreation industry in Santa Rosa

There’s lots to explore in Santa Rosa’s recreation industry (click here to discover your options), and the Schulz Museum definitely makes it to the top 10!

What does the Schulz Museum do to give back to the community?

The Schulz Museum gives back to the community by encouraging ways to give, including donations and commemorative gifts. If you want to donate, click here.

Social Media Contacts

Follow the Schulz Museum on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to stay updated with their artsy wonders!

Ready to go? Plan your visit today!

Photo credits:

Charles Monroe Schulz (1922 - 2000) is one of the most influential cartoonists of all time. He created the famous comic strip, Peanuts. For the most part of his life, Charles lived in Santa Rosa. And so, it was natural for his wife, Jean Schulz, to choose this as the location for Schulz Museum, which opened just 2 years after his demise.

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