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Leveraging Virtual Tours During Times of Social Distancing

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

When you hear the word ‘COVID’, what’s the first thing that pops up in your mind?

… ‘Social distancing’, right? Understandably so - after all, it is one significant impact of the pandemic!

Despite the negative aspects that come with social distancing, there are ways in which we can minimize them. One great way is utilizing virtual tours for businesses.

In fact, you can leverage the maximum potential of virtual tours during times of social distancing, resulting in great benefits for you and your business.

From Mere Videos To The Best Way Of Visiting (Virtually, Of 3d!)

Virtual tours, a form of video marketing, have been gaining popularity before the pandemic. Reasons behind this included a reduction in travel costs and booking issues.

With the uproar of the pandemic, this fame has amplified tenfold. As people are encouraged to maintain distance, venues are still booking events, hotels are still offering rooms, and wineries are still reserving tastings.

You can check out these places beforehand by visiting, of course. But with COVID, this is no longer encouraged. A better option, subsequently, is seeing them through virtual reality, or in other words, through online virtual tours. Like in this 3D Virtual Tour of a wine castle!

One of the most mesmerizing experiences in the 3D tour is the dollhouse view!

You can get a birds-eye view of the space right before diving into see all that the venue has to offer:

How To Leverage Virtual Tours During Times Of Social Distancing

You can conveniently snap pictures or record a video from your smartphone and upload it to your website.

A better option is to book a 3D Virtual Tour - Matterport 3D tours or 360° Google tours - and get a professional, wrap-around, and realistic view of your venue, restaurant, winery - whatever you wish!

Virtual tours will allow you to engage with your target audience, increase retention rates on your website, and promote trust in your brand.

With the current pandemic, virtual tours will also serve as an excellent way for your potential customers and clients to explore every nook and cranny of your location without actually being there.

Take a look at the magnificence of Notre Vue winery through another amazing 3D Virtual Tour:

We hope that took you right into the winery for a few moments to get a feel for what the space is like in real life, and maybe inspiration to want to go there — that’s the power of virtual tours!

For more information on 3D tours, drop an email at or place a call at 707-280-4678. Also, follow us on Instagram and YouTube to stay updated with what we do!

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