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Discovering More About Local Sebastopol Business 3D: Spirit Works Distillery & Its Top-Class Spirits

Talking With Ashby Marshall Of Spirit Works Distillery

Serving some of the best grain-to-glass wines, Spirit Works Distillery sets the bar high for winemakers across Sonoma County. For today’s blog post, we have interviewed one of its owners, Ashby Marshall, who has not only been passionately playing the role of a distiller but is also a part of the distillery’s marketing team.

As such, she decided to bring forward a new way to showcase her space to the world; one which folks could go to 24/7 and would be accessible by people across the world. So, she gave us the opportunity to shoot a 3D virtual tour and 360° Google Tour for her and her husband’s business, and we were excited to help!

The addition of a 3D virtual tour and 360° Google tour to the distillery’s online platforms not only provided a convenient and interactive way for people to view the space but also resulted in more bookings and happier customers!

We invite you to delve into the 3D tour we recorded for Spirit Works (keep an eye out for a hotspot in the Tasting Room - pressing on it will take you to their online spirits shop where you can peruse a variety of amazing spirits!):

We loved shooting a 3D Matterport tour for Spirit Works, and the cool part is that the feelings were mutual.

Excitingly, Ashby told us, “I love the photos of our tasting room best! It's always been hard to capture the rough luxe atmosphere we've created for guests - and I feel like I now have photos to really show that off.” Actual Quote: "Thanks again Nancy! We are so happy with our distillery 360 virtual tour! Since we've added the video to our website we've seen loads of views and traffic. Nancy and her team were amazingly easy to work with and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to improve their SEO or just gain more exposure," Ashby Marshall, Spirit Works Distillery

Additionally, have a look at its 360° Google tour:

We also asked Ashby a few questions to understand her and the business better.

What do you love most about Spirit Works Distillery?

I love working with my hands every day to create something to share with others. I also love the incredible staff we have here and I’m lucky to work with them every day.

What new changes has Spirit Works seen in the past year? What changes do you hope for in 2022?

What changes haven't we all seen this year?! Covid-19 had some unpleasant impacts on our business, but luckily, we were able to pivot to make hand sanitizer for the community, ramp up production, and start hosting virtual tastings in the interim.

Why do you love working in the distilled spirits industry?

Distilling is such an amazing industry to be in because there's incredible alchemy, limitless creative potential, and the ability to share your craft with others! I also consider us part of the food and beverage industry in Sonoma County and I’m proud to be among so many incredible dedicated makers.

Tell us one fun fact most people don't know about Spirit Works?

My husband Timo and I have 12 Blackthorn bushes (that make sloe berries) growing in pots at our house and we add one or two of these sloe berries into every batch of Sloe Gin!

We thank Ashby for giving us the opportunity to share Spirit Works Distillery & Tasting Room with the world! To book your own tours and tastings, go here.

Ashby Marshall is the owner and distiller at Spirit Works. She grew up in Colorado and now resides in Northern California. As she started her career, she met her husband-to-be, Timo, and discovered his generations-old family passion for Sloe Gin. With a combination of Ashby’s passion and palate for the intricacies of whiskey and Timo’s British history, they started Spirit Works Distillery in 2012 in the heart of Sonoma County.

While the distillery was restricted from giving physical tours to guests during the pandemic, virtual tours gave folks the opportunity to experience the distillery from the comfort of their homes!

Want to book a tour with us for your venue space? Send an e-mail at or call us direct at 707-280-4678!

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