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3 Winery Venue Ideas For A Dreamy Wedding: "Everlasting Vows Amidst Endless Views"

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Situated in the lush vineyards of Sonoma County, Meadowcroft Wines can potentially be the wedding venue of your dreams. It offers scenic views of massive vineyards, plush green gardens, and serene Californian skies. We invite you to have a look at its grandeur:

And, of course, its exquisite wines, blending together unique European heritage and Californian innovation, will complement your food menu, making your big day memorable for you and your guests.

You can even take a tour prior to your booking to taste their wines and experience the venue’s glory. Also, note that they can seat 30 guests for an event, while cocktail parties can fit up to 60 people.

Another unique venue for your wedding is Keenan Winery. Covered in beautiful greenery and surrounded by rich vegetation, Keenan stands tall on sustainably farmed acres of land.

Like other wineries, it offers aesthetic wrap-around vistas and creates a peaceful, secluded setting to exchange your vows. Its world-class wines, however, set it apart - these include delicious Chardonnay, dazzling Zinfandel, mouth-watering Syrah, and everything in between.

We welcome you to dive into its beauty:

Keenan is also pet-friendly (so you can bring along your feathery and furry friends), and it has a gift shop to cover your guests’ last-minute present needs.

Finally, another excellent option for a winery wedding venue is Korbel Winery (Korbel Champagne Cellars), nestled in the Russian River Valley.

They have decks overlooking vineyards where you can devour delicious gourmet bites from the chef and their range of red, white, and dessert wines.

Have a 360° look into the winery:

You can take a 50-minute guided tour beforehand to learn more about the venue and taste its wines - we’re sure you’ll love it!

Here’s another realistic virtual tour of the winery:

We hope you enjoyed the 3D Virtual Tours of the above wineries. To see inside more venues, visit our website and follow us on Instagram and YouTube!

If you want to book a 3D virtual tour with us, drop an e-mail at or call us at 707-280-4678.

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