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Using Virtual Tours to Book Weddings and Events

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Considering using virtual tours to book weddings and events? Great idea! Let’s have a look at what virtual tours are and why they’re great for businesses plus clients!

Virtual Tours - What Are They?

A virtual tour is an innovative and result-yielding marketing tool. Basically, it is a collection of high-resolution images joined together to give a wrap-around and realistic view of the location like THIS:

Using Virtual Tours To Book Weddings And Events - The Benefits

Apart from being super innovative, virtual tours have their benefits, both for clients and businesses.

For Clients

Selecting the right venue is overwhelming and exhausting, especially when you have to visit venues in person to have a look at them.

But that’s no more a problem - with virtual tours, you can now experience a ‘virtual reality’ and see exactly what every nook and cranny of the venue is like. In short, you will be ‘right there’ without being there! Like in this 3D Virtual Tour of Jordan Winery's elegant dining venue:

You can figure out the environment and setting of the venues, estimate the number of people that will fit in it, and finally decide whether it will meet all your requirements or not.

This also gives the edge of getting second opinions from loved ones who couldn’t otherwise make it to the venue with you and provides a space you can revisit over and over again (super conveniently) to reach the perfect decision.

For Businesses

On the other hand, virtual tours are also worth the investment if you own a business. With more and more people searching Google for venues, offering them a realistic view of what it feels like in your space can really gravitate their decision in your direction.

Using virtual tours to book weddings and events quite possibly could be the reason for the next event in your venue!

Plus, you’ll be providing more than one way for users to interact with your business by giving your potential guests complete control over the location. They can decide which angle to view the space from and how far or close they want to view it.

They can imagine themselves actually roaming around the spot and get a firsthand experience of the venue, all while sitting in the comfort of their home. Like in this fun tour of La Lomita Ranch's Bridal Room:

Finally, virtual tours are fun, engaging, and interactive!

With people spending time experiencing the tours to look in different directions and revisiting them to aid their decision, the retention time on your website will inevitably increase. This will also result in better search engine rankings.

You see, it’s a win-win either way!

To get a feel for the Google 360° Virtual Tour, here’s a look at a Mary’s Pizza Shack in Petaluma, California which offers event space to host private parties at their restaurant:

To experience more virtual tours, feel free to visit our website!

Sounds Cool? Book A Virtual Tour Now!

Does using virtual tours to book weddings and events sound like your thing?

You can now book a virtual tour with us for your venue - for details, drop an email at or call us at 707-280-4678.

Also, stay updated with our tours by following us on Instagram and YouTube!

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